Royalty Free Hypnosis Music

to relax, heal + inspire

Royalty Free Hypnosis Music

to relax, heal + inspire

Welcome to Royalty Free Hypnosis Music

The original home of the world’s best Royalty Free Hypnosis Music. Dedicated to serving the musical needs of professional hypnotherapists since 2009.

At Royalty Free Hypnosis we specialize in deeply relaxing background music for hypnosis, guided meditations and holistic healing.

Our soothing music is perfectly suited to the needs of professional hypnotherapists, and is also very popular with meditation teachers, holistic healers and personal development consultants.

Our simple license terms will allow you to use our music to create your own special recordings and videos, which you can sell or distribute in unlimited quantities. You can also use our music during live sessions with clients without ever paying any ongoing fees or royalties of any kind.

What makes us different to most other royalty free music websites…

We are more than just a music production company. We are people who are accustomed to working with hypnotherapists, meditation teachers and various other holistic health care professionals. We truly understand the needs of those who work in the healing arts, and we can speak your language.

We are also experts in creating music that can actively induce states of deep relaxation. So, if you are looking for high quality music, and qualified service with a personal touch, then you will love what we have in store for you at Royalty Free Hypnosis

Visit our New Hypnosis Music Website!

Visit our New Hypnosis Music Website!

Enlightened Audio replaces Royalty Free Hypnosis and features a world class range of hypnosis music, royalty free meditation music, brainwave entrainment music, nature sounds, inspirational music and more. Many of the links on this site will take you directly to Enlightened Audio so that you can explore our latest relaxation music in detail.

How people use our music

Wondering if our royalty free music is right for your project? Click the link below to visit Enlightened Audio and see some real-world examples of how and why people use our music.

How to purchase our music

Recommended reading for newcomers. This simple walk-through explanation will answer most of your initial questions about how to purchase and download royalty free music from Enlightened Audio.

Learning Center

Want to create a high-quality audio production? Visit the Enlightened Audio Learning Center for essential tips, from script writing, to recording techniques to publishing on iTunes and so much more.

Meet the composer

“As a composer and producer, it’s been my privilege to work hand in hand with a wide range of therapists and holistic healers to create music for guided meditations, relaxation and hypnosis. I have been composing music for about as long as I have been practicing meditation…almost 25 years now…”

Free eBook

How to Create Professional Hypnosis & Meditation Recordings

If you wish to create a meditation or hypnosis recording, then you really must get your hands on this free eBook from our parent website: Enlightened

“How to Create Professional Hypnosis and Meditation Recordings” is written in a friendly and easy to read style. This 110 page eBook is the definitive guide for every therapist and healer and is really the only complete resource of its kind. It contains loads of in-depth information that will explain every step in the process of creating your own recordings.

To get your copy simply click here to visit Enlightened Audio and get your copy for free.

Enlightened Audio Education eBook